NitroStream by GGS

NitroStream by Gas Generator Solutions (GGS)

NitroStream by GGS is our subscription service to provide your facility with a Laboratory Gas Generator inclusive of all service and maintenance, without the need for a major capital purchase. Forget using traditional cylinders or dewars, NitroStream by GGS provides all the convenience, safety and consistent supply of a gas generator, but without the worry of maintenance and ownership, and it can be obtained for just a low monthly fee.

NitroStream – Explained:

nitrostream by ggs gas generator solutions nitrogen gas for labs hospitals fbi universities pharmaceutical yulee floridaA NitroStream subscription provides your Lab with a convenient, safe and dependable nitrogen/air gas supply. Upon agreement, GGS will schedule to install and commission your generator, then from Day 1 we will be responsible for its servicing & maintenance, ensuring your Lab’s instruments have a constant supply of gas, for just a low monthly payment. NitroStream by GGS is our gas subscription service, that provides the correct specified constant gas supply for your laboratory’s instruments without the worry of servicing & maintenance or the uncertainty of obtaining approval for a capital purchase. Nitrogen and/or Air will be provided by an approved GGS supplied gas generator.

For a fixed monthly price, you can now effectively ‘buy gas’ from GGS over flexible contract periods (minimum 36-month term) whilst we take care of specifying, installing and maintaining the gas generation technology. If your Lab grows and your instrument gas requirements increase, your subscription level can increase to match, giving you added flexibility over conventional ownership of equipment.

At the end of your contract term you will have the option to continue to enjoy the benefits of NitroStream, by extending your Agreement.

NitroStream – Benefits:

With NitroStream by GGS you can be expected to make savings up to 50% on the cost of buying lab gas in the conventional manner, with the high volume users who operate 24/7 making maximum savings. Even those Labs with a “good” deal on a traditional gas supply can expect to lower their costs.

  • No price increases for duration of contract.
  • No regular Dewar delivery charges.
  • No Employee “Cylinder Usage Training”.
  • No cylinder storage areas.
  • No wasted time changing over cylinders.
  • Never run out of gas again!

nitrostream by ggs gas generator solutions nitrogen gas for labs hospitals fbi universities pharmaceutical yulee floridaNitrostream – Convenience:

Don’t risk delayed research or lost revenue because the gas has run out! Don’t ever have to worry about transporting or switching over tanks. Let NitroStream remove all the inconvenience and Health & Safety issues of cylinders from your Lab, by signing up today.

NitroStream will include access to our fast response, on-site technical support. Our highly trained Engineers will ensure correct equipment installation as well as on-going service and support, including Annual PM’s, for the duration of your NitroStream contract.

Equipment issues are very rare. but, in the event of a mal-function, our team of qualified engineers will respond quickly anywhere in the Country to carry out an on-site repair at your location. If a problem cannot be resolved quickly, or in the unlikely event that a solution cannot be found, then we will issue you with a replacement generator – with the aim of minimizing your equipment downtime.


NitroStream – Adaptable:

NitroStream allows you to change your gas subscription level to meet any increases in gas flow demands. Therefore if your gas requirements change due expansion or due to downsizing just give us a call and we will adjust your equipment accordingly. (limited to once per 12 month period).

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